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Orchestrating Wonder - Crafting Brand Stories
The power of video is measured in results.

Video click through rates jump as high as 300% over traditional text and images. Websites with video increase time spent as much as 88%. We are storytellers. The Bogdanov team is led by a passion for film making rooted in the brand story. Our video work has been displayed on clients such as Hyatt, Remax, Verizon, and NBC to name a few. We are dreamers with a special talent for producing video magic.

I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made films were magicians.

This quote by Francis Ford Coppola sums up our belief in video production. We are the creators, orchestrating wonder. Whereas text and images can tell your story, it is the power of video that can immerse your viewer inside your story. The following video samples are from various client projects from our 25 years in the business.







Beautifully crafted videos for brands, non-profits, and individuals. We are a full service video production company in St Petersburg, Florida that handles everything from filming, audio & lighting to editing & streaming. At Bogdanov, visual storytelling and marketing come together to create engaging and effective videos for social media, comany websites, and live events.

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