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More than just a logo. A complete brand identity
The logo is meant to spark a positive memory or emotion, which can lead to further positive and lucrative interactions with your brand.

A logo doesn’t sell directly, it identifies. A brand however is much more than a logo. A logo is only a symbol for a brand. Your company’s brand is encapsulated in the quality of your product, the passions of your people, the interactions you have with your customers, and how the public perceives the full body of your business.

We design more than just a logo, we help you craft your entire brand message.

Alongside logo design service we provide Brand Identity development, management and consulting. We are prolific brand designers with over a quarter century in the business of branding. We offer logo design packages, brand development consulting and identity revamping for existing brands.



Our logos have lasted for decades and still look fresh and clear. It is because they were designed in harmony with the Core Principles of Branding Design. To maximize your branding efforts, you have to use knowledge based on logo design psychology and color theory. No matter which shapes, colors or symbols you use, at the end of the day – they are all subject to the story behind them. We are well versed in these practices and are here to guide you on your branding path.

Attractive Beauty

Our work for Legend Ink helped create an epic story inside the tattoo industry. The brand reached far beyond the local parlor and helped build a fame for the studio that would bring international acclaim. Logos are powerful, however, complete brand identities are the stuff of legend.

Art on the water

When Bad Petrovich built its first surfboard, the industry told us we were crazy to think surfboards could be sold as fine art masterpieces. We smashed that negative thinking and created a logo and brand image that would help sell 30 of these one of a kind boards in a very short period of time.

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