Inspiration in every thing that we do.

We are on a quest to touch society with grand gestures of art, design and development. We are the creators, orchestrating wonder! We are bold, beautiful, and unafraid to make change in the world.

Peter Bogdanov Creative Director
Peter Bogdanov – Creative Director
Orchestrating Wonder!
Iconic Creative Direction - Peter Bogdanov



We have a special talent for creating unique and powerful logos and identity packages for companies and individuals.



Our team has provided software and code development for some of the world's largest brands including the NBA, NBC, Hyatt, US Marines and Pepsi.



The first rule of advertising is to stand out in the crowd. Visionary imagination is our weapon and unique ability.

Our Services
Our Clients Include
US Postal Service
US Marines
Bang & Olufsen
Branding In Motion
More Than A Logo
Brand Management

Along side logo design service we provide Brand Identity development, management and consulting. We are prolific brand designers with over a quarter century in the business of branding. We offer logo design packages, brand development consulting and identity revamping for existing brands. Our style of design service is best served face to face.

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Unique Digital Experiences
Interactive Development

Our software and Internet development projects have enjoyed a world stage supporting some of the planets largest digital properties. At the same time, our approach of simple, humble code meant to be shared efficiently has provided a solid foundation for clients of all sizes. We most enjoy developing web properties with Internet based content management systems, games, mobile apps and point of sale systems. We love to talk about Internet and Software success stories.

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Design Subscriptions

The agency is a team of diehard interactive experts led by innovative creative director, Peter Bogdanov. Through the use of brand management, website development, graphic design and marketing services, we provide a complete solution to advertising your business.

We provide annual “design subscriptions” for business owners looking to take advantage of the power of a graphic design agency while being able to spread out the costs monthly. This is a wonderful method of getting everything you need upfront while allowing your cash flow to prosper year round. Peter Bogdanov will work hand-in-hand with you to establish your brand image and build your Internet presence at the start of your subscription and we provide open design hours throughout the year to fine tune and or add new campaigns. Packages start at just $300 a month and include everything your business needs to succeed. Set up a free consult today!



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I have been working with Peter for almost 10 years now. He is truly a creative soul who loves to design the best and is always on the cutting edge of whatever he is working on. Peter designed Hyatt’s first career web site in 2005 and recently updated the site again for us ( We had the opportunity to work with much bigger firms but his creativity can’t be matched and we always have fun working with him. It’s great working with someone who always answers our most challenging requests with, “we can make it happen”.

Randy Goldberg

Vice President - Talent Acquisition Strategy, MGM, Formerly Hyatt

Peter is a creative force and an agent of change who brings everything he has to every project. As an artist and entrepreneur, his extensive real-world experiences have helped my marketing agency maintain our creative vision and to sell our most fantastical ideas. I’m impressed with Peter’s artistic ambition and confidence through an extensive range of projects. This makes sense if you know Peter’s background in fine-arts, or in digital experience design, or in street murals that positively impact neighborhoods, or as tattoo artist extraordinaire. If you need help from a visionary to make a real creative impact, I recommend Peter.

Jeffrey Selin

Chief Storyteller at Dojo Agency

I have known Peter Bogdanov for over 15 years which has included working together on number website, advertising, branding and marketing projects for various small as well as very large clients. Peter is the "Michael Jordan of Design" and has consistently developed amazing work that gets results. What sets Peter apart from others in this design space is his understanding of building design that gets the desired results for companies. Many other just produces award winning designs that don't lead to increase in business for clients. I highly recommend engaging his firm. If you want to WIN then work with Peter.

Brian Ruffner

Director of Sales at Comfort Systems USA Southwest

Peter is a very talented artist! His creativity has been a key to successful projects we have partnered on. He is very good at taking our original project concept and thinking about the next generation and how that would look. He is constantly challenging himself to be the "first" to attempt something thus producing great results. Peter is easy to work. As you speak to him and answer his questions, you can feel the wheels turning with ideas in his mind!

Kristy Seidel

VP Human Resources, Commerical at KeHE Distributors

I've been working with Peter for over 22 years from my start at BlueGenesis to netGURUS. Peter has always been a loyal client and a pleasure to do business with. His design and marketing skills, not to mention his drive and ambition are outstanding. I look forward to many more years of doing business with Peter.

Joey Proulx

Site Manager, eBusiness - Deluxe Corporation